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Extended Wear Contact lenses
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Extreme convenience, freedom and flexibility.

Experience extreme convenience and the freedom and flexibility of not always having to remove your lenses. Moist and comfortable, your eyes will be smiling with ProVision extended wear contact lenses.

ProBalance Monthly Flexible Wear Contact Lenses

Freedom, flexibility and comfort

So comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them, ProBalance lenses are one of the softest silicone contact
lenses on the market, combining a high oxygen and water content to allow natural breathability and clear,
healthy eyes. ProBalance can be worn daily, or continuously for anywhere up to 29 nights or 30 days based
on our recommendation.*

Key benefits

High oxygen.
Hassle free – you don’t need to remove lenses daily.
Soft and comfortable to wear.
Clear, stable vision.

ProBalance Toric Monthly Flexible Wear Contact Lenses

Freedom, flexibility, comfort and stability

ProBalance Toric offers people with astigmatism all the benefits of ProBalance combined with a stable toric
design that provides consistent, quality vision.

Key benefits

All the benefits of ProBalance
Clear, stable vision

*ProBalance lenses are recommended for monthly replacement and are CE marked under the medical devices directive for occasional overnight or up to 29 nights continuous wear under the guidance of your optometrist.
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