Advancements in optics
So many to choose from

There are so many advancements in materials of contact lenses and spectacle frames. lazer cutting, special coating and protection make many new frames a work of art.
Multifocal Contact lenses

Now anyone can wear contact lenses, even those needing to read and see to drive. Computer operators, mums and dads, sports people and even engineers are able to see properly for their particular visual needs.
Overnight Contact Lenses

Invented over 50 years ago, orthokeratology lenses and modern technology create the possibility to free yourself of wearing glasses. Simply wear a set of retainer lenses overnight, gently shaping your cornea or the front of your eye, to give you crisp, clear vision during the day, without having to wear glasses or contact lenses any more.
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Kliik, Silhouette, Face a Face, OGA, Lafont, Maco, Romeo & Juliet, Oscar & Fitch, Danish Eyewear, Titan Flex, Head, Noo Eyewear, Antonio Bene, Tom ford and many more.

Optical lenses and More about Optical lenses and Frames

There are many optical lens products on the market. Our expert optical team will match the most suitable product to your optical needs. There are lenses for computer work, sport, drafting, accountants, secretaries, home executives, prolific readers, pilots and many others.

Contact lenses and More about Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are more comfortable, easier to insert and remove, easier to clean and maintain and provide many more types of optical correction than ever before.

Orthokeratology contact lenses "braces for your eyes"

Ortho-k lenses as they are called are for those who have considered laser vision correction, but who require a comfortable non surgical alternative. These are special corneal molding or contouring lenses which gently change the shape of your eyes overnight, leaving you to be able to see during the day without wearing glasses or contacts.

Contact Lens Complications

There is a risk of corneal ulceration and an increased risk of corneal infection with contact lenses. Overnight lenses carry a slightly higher risk. Speak to us to clarify this and ensure you are comfortable with the risks before ordering your contact lenses.

Child vision care

Looking after your children is always of prime importance. A school eye test is not a full eye test and is simply to detect any major and obvious eye problems. More subtle problems which may lead to learning problems, vision problems, general health and back problems are often only diagnosed during a full professional examination. Your children have the right to have an eye test every two years or more often if necessary. Medicare benefits are available for eye tests.
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