We provide general optometry services in out practice, including full scope eye tests, including eye health check, screening for glaucoma and diabetes. Other services we provide are as follows:-

Orthokeratology - click this link for more info

Benefits of Orthokeratology - click this link for more info

If you are myopic (short sighted) and wish to go without your glasses, we can offer you orthokeratology lenses to free you from your glasses and live life the way you wish.

Contact lens evaluations
Wearing contact lenses is really very simple but checking them in your eyes is very important. We offer fully comprehensive contact lens evaluation consultations, including suitability, vision stability assessments, comfort analysis and sports vision with contact lenses.

Headache management
Headaches are on the rise, with levels of reading and close work much higher than even a generation ago. Have your eyes evaluated and glasses or treatments prescribed if necessary to remove the stress on your visual system and restore balance.

Computer stress evaluation
Computers increase the demand on our visual systems by an enormous amount. We offer a computer comfort evaluation and provide information about the correct lighting, positioning of the monitor, foot and posture positioning and lighting.

Child vision care - click this link for more info

Children need to have their eyes checked at least by age three and again by age seven. We perform a full battery of tests for children, including vision check, squint check, colour vision test, stereo vision testing and school readiness evaluation.
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