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More About Contact Lenses
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Contact Lenses

Whether you have not tried lenses in the past, or perhaps tried a few years ago, modern lenses provide unsurpassed freedom and comfort. Ask us to try a pair of the very latest lenses and see the difference! We have thousands of happy lens wearers aged from under 8 to over 80, some of whom wear lenses full time and some just socially or for sports. Age is most definitely not a barrier. In fact contact lens wear is so much safer these days that we have many children wearing them. This is a major landmark in a young person's life and there is an enormous confidence boost that contact lenses have been proven to provide.
We offer a complimentary initial trial lenses to anyone wishing to try contact lenses, so what have you got to lose, apart from maybe your glasses?

Soft Lenses

Soft Contact Lenses are very easy to adapt to and extremely comfortable to wear. Disposable lenses deal effectively with the problems of material wear and lens deposits, simply by disposing of the lenses on a planned regular basis. We supply daily, two weekly, monthly and three monthly options as well as durable lenses. Daily Disposable lenses are available to suit most prescriptions. The cost of these lenses continues to fall as they gain popularity, and prices are now under $2.00 per day for full time users.

Continuous Wear Lenses

Some of the latest Silicone-Hydrogel lenses offer unparalleled levels of safety for continuous wear of up to 30 days and nights. This revolutionary material, developed in Australia and marketed worldwide, provides comfort, clarity and enough oxygen to allow overnight wear.

Multifocal Lenses

If you wear multifocals and need lenses to see well at a variety of distances, there are several recent developments in the Multifocal Contact Lens field that may help you. These are available as RGP (Rigid gas Permeable) lenses and soft lenses in Daily, 2 Weekly and Monthly formats.

Coloured Soft Lenses

These are available in a disposable format or as a more durable lens. Ciba manufacture a huge range of coloured lenses, called Freshlook, but we also deal with other suppliers.

Soft Lenses For Astigmatism

If you have astigmatism there are a number of monthly soft toric lenses available, as well as daily and two weekly. Johnson & Johnson have recently launched One Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism, which covers almost three times more prescriptions than the previous best lens. There are several manufacturers that can provide us with custom soft toric lenses on a three or six monthly planned replacement scheme. Even Multifocals are now available in some designs.

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses

RGP lenses look very much like the original hard corneal lenses first fitted around sixty years ago, but that is where the similarities end. RGP materials allow oxygen to pass through the material to the cornea, and although soft lenses do this too, the best RGP lenses allow a greater flow of oxygen to the cornea than many soft lenses. RGP lenses may give a better standard of vision than soft lenses if there is more than 0.50D of astigmatism in the prescription, and offer a less expensive alternative to soft torics, or may even attain a better standard of vision than soft torics.

Historically, there is a lower incidence of infection problems with RGP wearers compared to soft lens wearers, although these comparisons were made before the days of daily disposable soft lenses which have a fairly unblemished track record. RGP lenses are available in bifocal and multifocal form and as toric lenses if there are very large amounts of astigmatism. If you would like more information about contact lenses of any type, please talk to us. As an independent optometrist, we have the freedom to offer the products which we feel will most benefit the individual patients we see.


OrthoK is an amazing way of reshaping your cornea whilst you sleep, such that you'll be able to see well all day without the need for glasses or contact lenses. Sounds too good to be true? It is only suitable for a limited range of prescriptions, which is rapidly expanding, but if it may well work for you. Please contact us for more information. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss OrthoK suitability unless you require an eye test, which is usually covered by Medicare. We do require an up to date Spectacle Prescription and suggest you bring your spectacles, contact lenses and sunglasses with you for your visit.